Like holiday celebrations, Super Bowl squares, and caregiver milestone events, team building has become a tradition at Cooperative Home Care. Every month, our Admin Operations Team comes together for work, play, and food.

This month, we warmed up with “A Lot of Balls in the Air” – a team building exercise to test if we know each other well enough to juggle while we interact. This warm-up exercise also wakes up our brains so we can review our Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”).

How are we doing? Our KPIs are objective measures of our performance. They are aligned with our #1 Core Value: Pursue Growth. Every employee has at least one number, and most of us have several. Our KPIs help us to be successful in our jobs because they ensure we understand exactly what is expected of us. We are also regularly updated on our performances within each KPI.

After our KPI review, we teamed up for the ultimate team trust exercise: walking blindfolded through a sea of “Landmines”, following verbal cues from our partner. Being vulnerable and having to rely on someone else for safety is a feeling our clients experience daily. The “Minefield” exercise mimics that feeling. This reinforces our empathy and refines our approach as we serve our clients.

Finally, we feasted on a meal of homemade goodies including fried chicken, ham, macaroni and cheese, fresh salads, and peach cobbler and lemon cake. Another successful team event! If you want to be part of something bigger, apply now to join our team!

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