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Thank you for visiting our website! We are very proud of how we have grown to help thousands of older adults, and people of all ages with disabilities. As you learn our story, we hope you gain a greater understanding of our genuine commitment to helping people at home.

Our founder, Fran Sontag, was very driven to help people who were often overlooked and who could not advocate for themselves. She began providing in-home education for about ten young adults with disabilities. Through serving them, it was apparent that they could benefit from additional in-home services. If their daily living needs, including showering, dressing, and meal preparation, could be met, then they would be even more successful in their education. Fran officially incorporated Cooperative Attendant Service in 1986. She partnered with her son-in-law, Mitch Waks, whose vision to grow complemented her desire to help others. Together, they could help many more people to be as independent as possible in their own homes.

Cooperative grew, expanding to include more Missouri Medicaid and Department of Mental Health-funded services. They added offices in St. Louis and surrounding counties. In 1991, they acquired All-Staff Nursing, an Illinois healthcare staffing company. In 2005, Cooperative Attendant Service became Cooperative Home Care, including five local offices in Missouri and Illinois. They also became licensed to provide Medicare home health care services and Private Services.

In 2012, Cooperative Home Care, Inc. re-organized to include all of our services under the corporation name, although our healthcare staffing company maintains its All-Staff Nursing brand. We expanded our Medicaid funded services again in 2012 to include Consumer Directed Services, enabling individuals to hire and pay their loved ones as their caregivers. We proudly became licensed and accredited by Community Health Accreditation Partner (“CHAP”) to provide Missouri hospice services as Cooperative Hospice in February 2016.

Our growth and expansion is consistently driven by the needs of vulnerable individuals. If you or your loved one needs help at home, you have probably felt overwhelmed and uncertain, regardless of your socioeconomic status. We are committed to advocating for, and serving, people who have very limited financial and community resources. We are equally committed to serving people with any type of public and private home care funding, who need help at home. Our statement, “Any Funding, Any Amount of Care, Any Service”, reflects our ability to accept every type of home care funding, which enables us to help almost everyone who contacts us. It also helps our clients because they do not have to switch companies, or work with more than one home care company, if and when their needs change.

We understand the importance of providing care consistently and compassionately. We also understand the life-changing effects of both chronic and sudden illnesses on loved ones and their families. Our Intake Nurse is available to speak with you directly, to answer your questions about how home care works and how to pay for home care. She can also qualify you for every type of home care funding, before you pay out-of-pocket. Ask about our affordable Value Packages that are customized to meet your home care needs.

In 2016, Cooperative Home Care, Inc. celebrated our 30th year in business. One way we are commemorated this milestone was with our, “Serving & Celebrating in Our 30th Year” campaign, during which we are completing 33 local service projects including 426 service hours.

In 2019, Cooperative continues to look forward, strategizing for continued success in our challenging healthcare industry. For now, we have ceased providing hospice services and have continued developing our hourly division. We are excited to begin serving Missouri pediatric patients through our Pediatric Nursing licensure, achieved in February 2019. We are also eagerly anticipating our next milestone campaign as we approach 35 years in business in 2021!

We make it possible for people to maintain their independence and rehabilitate at home. That means:

Any funding. We explore and provide any possible funding source, from government (Medicare, Medicaid and VA) to insurance (health, long-term care and worker’s compensation) to reduced-fee programs and self-pay.

Any amount of care. We have no minimum or maximum hours. We offer visits, hourly care and discounted 12- and 24-hour shifts.

Any skill level. We provide nursing, therapies, social workers and caregiver services.

Cooperative Home Care recognizes the challenges of serving people who have Alzheimer’s and other dementia diagnoses. When you are caring for someone with dementia, the more you understand this diagnosis and their unique needs, the better you are able to care for them. Confusion resulting from dementia can present itself as agitation, and if you are not prepared to redirect someone when they are agitated their behaviors can escalate quickly. When you are prepared, you can create meaningful, in the moment interactions and a more peaceful environment for your client and their family.

Cooperative Home Care provides training for caring for people with dementia during our two-day orientation training as well at our annual caregiver in-services. We offer Crisis Prevention Intervention (“CPI”) training for caregivers which helps them proactively and safely care for individuals who may be confused and/or agitated. We incorporate information that is available from the Alzheimer’s Association, Memory Care Home Solutions and other valuable resources, and we customize care plans to meet one’s unique needs as a result of their dementia diagnosis.

Our Intake Nurse will answer your questions about how home care works and how to pay for home care. Our Intake Nurse will also talk to you about scheduling your free, no obligation assessment.

Our free assessment is a great resource even when you are not quite ready to begin services. In this case, you can still discuss the specifics of your loved one’s needs, learn about how to pay for home care and what it may cost you, and begin considering your loved one’s options. You can even choose to complete opening paperwork, so that you are prepared to begin services as quickly as possible if your loved one’s needs change.

The free assessment is also very helpful when you are ready to begin services. Our Cooperative Home Care Referral Specialist will help you design your loved one’s care plan and schedule. They’ll review all of the opening paperwork with you and answer all of your specific home care questions directly. At the end of the assessment, your loved one’s completed Communication Book is ready, including their customized care plan.

Cooperative Home Care’s Communication Book captures and communicates your expectations to all parties involved in your care: your family, caregiver(s) and Case Manager. Everyone has an understanding of the details of your care needs so that these needs are met consistently and completely. If you have a doctor appointment or need emergency care, your Communication Book includes information that is helpful for the medical professionals who are assisting you.

Why Buy Home Care by the Hour?  Try our Value Packages!  They save you money through discounts from our hourly rates.  Our Packages also help you create the right schedule for your loved one’s needs.  Design your Value Package with our help during your free assessment. Call our Intake Nurse to get started. Here are our current Value Packages, prices, and descriptions:

Intro to Home Care (7 mini-visits) $364/week
Nervous to take the first step but need the help for yourself or a loved one? Try a week of 7 mini-visits in the morning or evening. Be prepared BEFORE you can’t do without the help!

Peace of Mind (30 hours) $675/week
With our help, design a schedule to meet ongoing needs OR geared toward transitioning your loved one back home after surgery or other hospitalization. Includes a FREE weekly quality assurance (“QA”) call and can change weekly according to your loved one’s needs.

While You Work (50 hours) $1112.50/week
Adjust this flexible package to accommodate any schedule. For example, your caregiver arrives at 8 a.m. to help your loved one rise, bathe and dress 5 days per week. Meals are prepared per your loved one’s schedule and dietary needs. Return home by 6 p.m. to a tidy house and dinner warming in the oven.  FREE weekly QA call and FREE monthly QA visit included.

Sunrise, Sunset (seven 12-hour shifts) $1848/week
Ensure your loved one’s daily needs are met from morning to night, or from night to morning if overnight care is indicated. FREE weekly QA call and FREE monthly QA visit included. Your loved one is supervised and helped through every part of their daily or overnight routine. Feel refreshed for family and work! Also available in the hospital or care facility.

Care Around the Clock (seven, 24-hour shifts) Pricing per client need.
Your care plan and price are designed to meet your loved one’s specific care needs. Pay only for what you need, and feel confident that you won’t pay out of pocket until every other funding source is exhausted.