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You may be visiting this page because your aging loved one has an upcoming, planned hospitalization, or they were recently hospitalized for an unexpected event such as a fall or other medical need. You may even be visiting because you did not expect that your aging loved one would need assistance after their hospitalization, but now you realize they do. If you are unsure and overwhelmed, or if you have a plan but want to confirm that you have identified every option, we are very glad to assist you. This page includes information about what to expect as your aging loved one leaves the hospital, their options as they return home and how to pay for them, and longer term options if their need for help remains. As you research options, we also recommend you visit our pages about 12 & 24-Hour Home Care, Safety and Supervision, and Overnight Care.

When you are informed that your aging loved one is going to be discharged home, you may feel mixed emotions. It is a positive event because it indicates that your aging loved one’s recovery is progressing. It is also a potentially stressful event for a variety of reasons. They are leaving the secure hospital environment, and you have uncertainties about their transition home. You may wonder how you are going to help them get into their house, as well as if they are going to be safe and able to resume their usual routine without incident. The hospital may have informed you that you will need to plan for 24-hour supervision before they are discharged home. In this scenario, if both of your aging parents are alive and one is returning home after a hospitalization, you may not feel confident that the other can completely or safely care for their spouse.

There are resources at the hospital to guide and assist you at discharge. Some may be more comprehensive than others, but in every situation it is important for you to understand what to expect and prepare your plan.

Medicare home health care is a common resource when one is being discharged home from the hospital. One qualifies for this service as follows: (this information is also available at Sometimes you may simply be informed that your aging loved one has their home health care already arranged through the hospital, but the discharging hospital should always present a list of home care companies for you to consider. Why is it important to research your options if the hospital has already arranged for their services for your aging loved one? One very important reason is that it will be advantageous if you choose a company that offers every type of home care funding. This enables you to work with one company to meet all of your aging loved one’s home care needs. Your aging loved one may need more than home health care, or you may not know what they’ll need. Having one company that can cohesively and comprehensively meet all of their needs, is preferable to trying to find a second company and then having to coordinate care between the two companies. Cooperative Home Care, Inc. offers every type of home care solution, and we accept almost every type of home care funding. When you choose us, you are choosing one company to meet all of your home care needs. As we accept every type of home care funding, we can qualify your aging loved one for every possible funding source, before you pay out-of-pocket. This serves to reassures you that you are not paying out-of-pocket unless you have exhausted every other funding resource.

The hospital arranged home care for me. Is this all I need?

The discharging hospital may arrange Medicare-funded, home health care as you return home after a qualifying hospital stay. Remember that you have a choice in your home health care provider. People choose Cooperative because we provide both Medicare and Private Home Care. This is key because home health care can meet some of your home care needs, but not all of them. If you need help in addition to nurse and therapist visits two to three times per week, you may need Private Home Care. These services are provided by caregivers. Cooperative can provide both services seamlessly, while many home care companies only do one or the other.

What People Are Saying About Home After Hospitalization

Our family is so thankful for for the peace of mind Cooperative provided as Dad was discharged from the hospital. From help with a shower right after he arrived home (which helped him feel clean and comfortable after the hospital), to overnight care as he-and we-adjusted to his extra needs. You were invaluable!-The K. family

-The K. family

Happy Cleints

Everyone – Julia, Rebecca, Camissa, Nyosha so far – has been wonderful in their own ways. We are thoroughly impressed with your company. It was such a relief to have Julia arrive when we were completely exhausted on Thursday evening…today, Becky was wonderful especially for our sister…Camissa was a most welcome light for us on Friday night, and now Nyosha has been a most calming and caring presence for us all this evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you.S.

-Steve S.

Happy Cleints

Our caregiver Kayla B. is wonderful…we have had other caregivers and no one can even come close in comparison to Kayla. We absolutely love her! She is a very hard worker, very friendly and concerned about my mother’s well-being. I just don’t know what we would do without her.

Happy Cleints

St Louis home health care solutions

Flourish safely and happily at home with our comprehensive MO home care solutions

12 & 24-Hour Home Care

For  MO Home Health Care in the Louis area, we offer flexible 12-hour shifts tailored to your needs—ideal for post-hospitalization recovery or to fill in when the primary caregiver is unavailable. Choose ongoing day shifts for continuous assistance, or opt for our comprehensive 24-hour care to ensure round-the-clock comfort and safety for your loved ones. 

Dementia Home Care

Choose our specialized dementia care services for a higher standard of support for your loved one. With Certified Dementia Practitioners on staff and consistent training in Alzheimer's and Crisis Prevention Intervention, we're uniquely qualified to provide compassionate and expert care, enriching the lives of those facing dementia's challenges.

Home After Hospitalization

Transition smoothly from hospital to home with our tailored after-hospitalization services. Offering both Medicare and Private Services, we meet all your medical and general care needs. With the flexibility to stop and start services as needed, achieve rehab goals and peace of mind effortlessly—all under one trusted company.

Nursing and Therapies

Regain strength and independence after a health setback with our short-term nursing and therapy services, covered by medicare home health aides. Add caregiver support for a secure recovery journey. Cooperative Home Care's model offers both services, ensuring affordable, seamless care that flexes with your changing needs.

Disease-Specific Care

Specialized in disease-specific care, our trained caregivers offer targeted support for conditions like ALS, MS, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. We aim to maximize independence while ensuring safety, collaborating with expert organizations for a holistic, high-quality approach to care. Elevate your loved one’s life with our specialized services.

Safety & Supervision

Ensure your aging loved one's safety and well-being with our tailored Safety & Supervision services. From four-hour mini-visits to comprehensive daily care, we provide flexible options that ease transitions and facilitate independence. Our proactive approach includes wellness assessments, making it easier to adapt care as needs change.

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Overnight Care

Pediatric Nursing

Consumer Directed Services

Supporting People with Disabilities

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Cooperative Home Care is the only family-owned home care company that says “Yes!” first to any age, funding, amount of care, and service since 1986. Our over-arching message to SERVE ONE MORE applies to our employees, and our clients and their families. We will do everything possible to keep you safe and independent in your own home.

The Benefits of St. Louis Home Care

Enjoy best-in-class care at home with our quality guarantee

Faithfully serving clients for 38 years

Our reputation with the thousands of happy client's and families we've care for over the years speaks for itself.

We provide any amount of care to accommodate any schedule

Do you need a quick visit, hourly care, or around-the-clock care? No matter your schedule, we've got you covered.

Comprehensive services for any need

Whether you need skilled medical services, therapy, dementia care, companion care, or even pediatric care, we've got it all.

We provide care for all ages

From children to seniors and all ages in between, we provide the support you need.

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We'll work to qualify you for funding to minimize your out-of-pocket cost

We help you qualify for and access all of your existing benefits. Only then, if needed, do you pay out-of-pocket for our home health plans.

Specialized Dementia Home Care

Our certified dementia practitioners are accredited through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Fast response time

When you need nurses, caregivers, or therapists, we act immediately to provide the support you need.

Compatible caregivers

If you don't love and bond with your caregiver, we'll send a new one that meets your personal care needs.

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