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As you research care options for your loved one, learning what your options are, and how to pay for them, are important steps. Home care offers personalized, one-on-one care. You can stay in your own home and pay only for what you need, increasing or decreasing your hours at any time. In a nursing home, you pay a set rate for services that are generalized to meet every resident’s general needs. In a nursing home there is only one staff person per many residents. Sometimes these obstacles lead people to choose assisted living, which is a more expensive option. In assisted living, you may have some opportunities to customize your services but there is an extra cost, in addition to your daily rate, for any one-on-one assistance you receive. These are some of the reasons people choose home care for their loved one. Use our guide to learn more about three main care options, including facts, myths and costs associated with nursing home, assisted living and caregiver home care services.

Data as of May 2015