Not sure how to get started? Can’t (or don’t want to) see your aging loved one as someone who needs home care? Our Cooperative Home Care team has the benefit of a broader perspective because we see people struggle to make their decision for home care…and then we see these same people become very satisfied with our services.

  1. Home care INCREASES your independence. Our 1:1 client/caregiver ratio through Private Services means we dedicate the time needed to help your aging loved one do as much as they can for themselves. Caregiver oversight also increases their safety at home, avoiding hospitalizations whenever possible. Medicare home health care provides nursing and therapy services designed to improve your loved one’s status.
  2. Peace of mind through occasional, part-time or full-time home care help. Knowing your loved one is productive and safe at home. Invaluable!
  3. Introducing a little help now, can make a transition to more in-home help later, easier.
  4. Physical Therapy, in the convenience of your loved one’s home, to improve balance and strengthening exercises.Larry Nations, PT is pleased to help you get stronger!
  5. Occupational Therapy strengthens upper extremities and teaches strategies for self-care and other functional needs (cooking, safety, etc.) at home.
  6. Help prevent falls (NCOA stat)!
  7. Telemonitoring (available through limited providers including Cooperative Home Care) minimizes and/or avoids preventable ER visits and hospitalizations.
  8. Home care helps the adult child caring for their aging parents. Avoid caregiver burn-out and build stronger relationships.
  9. Speaking of relationships, we work very hard to find the right caregiver, or small team of caregivers, for your aging parent. As we do, you’ll see relationships bloom positively!
  10. Join our team! When you choose Cooperative Home Care, you are an integral part of our team to help your loved one increase their independence and rehabilitate at home. From caregivers, to nursing, therapies and social work, we provide every type of home care solutions directly for seamless and comprehensive care.
  11. Our discounted Value Packages make home care more affordable AND help you conceptualize the type of interventions your aging parent needs.
  12. Companionship is a wonderful thing for a homebound, aging loved one. They’ll greatly value someone they can talk to, play cards with, etc.
  13. Our FREE on-site assessment, usually available within 24-hours, answers all of your specific home care questions and sets you up to begin your home care journey when you are ready.
  14. Learn what to expect and helpful hints from people who are experts: our CEO, Mitch Waks, is a Certified Senior Advisor with an open door policy.Mitch Waks, CEO, CSA, Owner
  15. Our President, Jim Guller, has experience-based advice on how he has cared for aging family members.
  16. Face your fears! Healthcare can be overwhelming and stressful until you make a plan.
  17. Build your resource networks through our client newsletter, Health at Home by Cooperative Home Care; our blog, our employees, etc.
  18. Home nursing visits are available for those who qualify through their Medicare (or Medicare Advantage) plan.
  19. Speech Therapy and Social Worker services are also available through Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.
  20. Our Private Services Quality Assurance Specialist, Valerie Fields, works hard to ensure your care is of the highest grade.
  21. AlzBetter-a practical guide to caring for a person with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias at home-is underway at Cooperative Home Care.
  22. Glaucoma and macular degeneration can be life-changing in some circumstances. Low Vision Therapy by Cooperative Home Care is funded 100% by Medicare for those who qualify.
  23. We work harder to recruit and retain tremendous caregivers. Our caregiver newsletter, CAREGIVER NEWS, is designed by our caregivers, edited by our Case Managers and keeps everyone current on training opportunities, in-services, contest winners, etc.   
  24. Our dedicated intake nurse answers your calls to 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) directly, 24 hours per day.
  25. Our dedicated intake nurse answers your calls to 618-466-3227 (in IL) directly, 24 hours per day.
  26. Through quality care, great communication and positive caregiver matches your loved one absolutely can be happier with home care.
  27. Read some of our customer testimonials-more evidence you can be very happy with your home care decision!
  28. Our Free Care funding program proudly brings FREE home care solutions to those who qualify through our partnerships with national disease associations like the ALS Association.

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