Types of Care

Home After Hospitalization

Going home after a hospital stay is exciting but scary. We provide both Medicare and Private Services, so we can meet your medical and general care needs. You can also stop and start services at any time. Achieve affordability, rehab goals and peace of mind with one company.

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Nursing and Therapies

After a sudden health decline or qualifying hospital stay, Medicare home health can help. These short-term nursing and therapy services help you regain strength and independence. Add caregiver services as needed for safety through your recovery. Cooperative offers both types of services for affordable, seamless care that flexes with your needs.

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Caregiver massaging hand of senior woman at home

Overnight Care

We offer flexible resources that enable you to ensure your aging loved one’s safety, and maintain your productive day and restful night.

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Pediatric Nursing

Our Pediatric Nursing Program is RN and LPN care provided at one’s home, facility, and/or school.

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Safety & Supervision

One of the ways we help aging loved ones to stay safely in their home begins with two-hour mini-visits.

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Supporting People with Disabilities

Cooperative Home Care is one the largest independent providers of in-home services for the Missouri Department of Mental Health in the St. Louis area.

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Consumer Directed Services

The CDS program is a terrific alternative to more traditional in-home services for the consumer who is able to help manage their own services.

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Disease-Specific Care

We provide in-home assistance and care for people of all ages with diseases that affect their ability to function independently in their daily lives.

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Smiling home caregiver and senior woman walking together

Dementia Care

We have Certified Dementia Practitioners, consistent Alzheimer's trainings, and Crisis Prevention Intervention workshops. These are specific resources that enable us to provide knowledgeable and compassionate care for your loved one with dementia.

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Care worker giving water to elderly woman in geriatric hospice

12 & 24 Hour Care

The 12-hour is our most popular shift. Schedule a temporary night shift as your loved one returns home after a hospital stay. Schedule an ongoing day shift if continuous help is needed. Combine your night and day shifts for complete 24-hour care. 12-hour shifts can also be "as needed" when the primary caregiver is unavailable.

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