Aging parent indoor gardening - Indoor ProjectLuckily our St. Louis weather is continuing to cooperate with our indoor gardening project, shared about a week ago.  After setting our budget ($25), and making our list of herbs, we set out.  Our first stop?  A lovely coffee shop in nearby Webster Groves, Abode Coffeehouse.  My aging parent assisting me with this project is my mother-in-law, Grandma Sharon.

Steaming lattes - Indoor ProjectAging parents and their grandkids - Indoor ProjectIf you can do so, committing a half-day to an indoor project with your aging parent enables you to be more “in the moment”.  We enjoyed steaming lattes before going to the Garden Shop.  We chose Walmart to stay within our small budget, and to be able to pick-up a few non-garden items, including fresh fruit, milk, and juice.  It’s definitely a good idea to be efficient on our outings, so the coffee stop enabled me to relax and collect my thoughts to ensure I noted any other items I needed to pick-up.  Grandma Sharon enjoyed her granddaughters’ company during the stop, too.

Herbs! - Indoor ProjectNext stop, the Garden Shop.  The selection was pretty limited, but we did find small herb plants in the produce section.  We selected basil, sage, mint, thyme, and chives.  Separately we chose some lavender seeds.  Unfortunately, the soil we needed was not out yet.  Our project was losing momentum by that point, so we wrapped up the trip and headed home.  Later, we picked up soil at Home Depot along with an aloe plant for the bathroom.  Our total cost was $38, well over our budget of $25.  However, next year’s project will be considerably less, because we’ll re-use the pots purchased this year.

kids planting herbs - Indoor ProjectMy girls were very interested in helping with the actual planting/potting part of the project.  This turned out to be a good thing, as it took more time than I predicted.  It was also messier than I imagined it would be, but in the end we created some potted herbs, a window planter, and prepared our lavender seeds, which should show signs of growth within two or three weeks.  Our aging parent’s home is full of fresh, new life in brightly colored pots! 

Check back to see how our indoor garden is growing soon.  Meanwhile, remember all of your home care needs are met when you choose Cooperative Home Care, because we accept any funding, we provide any amount of care, and we offer any home care serviceCall us at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 1-618-HOMECARE (in IL). 



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