It sure doesn’t feel like the first day of spring, but our chilly St. Louis weather doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying some of your favorite springtime activities.  Make a few adjustments, and you are ready to help your aging parent start her indoor garden.  Follow these indoor gardening tips (and our real-time adventure) for a fun, meaningful, and hopefully “fruitful”, indoor gardening adventure:

Make a budget.  Ours is $25.

Make a list.  Ours includes: soil, small clay pots, a tray to protect the windowsill where they will sit, seeds and some small herb plant starters.  This year’s theme is cooking and medicinal herbs/plants, including a few that may flower.  Here’s what we chose and why:

Basil: super versatile; great for adding to summer and winter dishes (from tomato salad to pasta dishes).

Sage: great with soups; smells comforting, like Thanksgiving.

Mint: add to iced tea, cocktails, and fruit salads.

Parsley: brightens even a boring dish

Chamomile: soothing; may flower

Lavender: smells lovely; may flower

A fern for the bathroom

Go shopping!  My aging Mom talks a lot about how she is going to start walking “any day now”, but I sneak in a lot of unofficial walks that are just as productive by going to Target (etc.), and strolling all around the store.  We can do this really cold days, on rainy days, and of course on really hot days, too.  For our indoor gardening supplies, we are going to budget-friendly Walmart’s Garden Shop.

Don’t over-think your project.  I spent a few minutes scanning the internet and that’s really it.  I personally don’t want our project to lose its momentum before we begin.  $25 is a reasonable amount; if only a few of our plants are successful, I will still consider this activity a success!  This is a great activity for young children too.  We are including a combination of small plants as well as seeds, so my girls can “see” the results of Grandma Sharon’s, and their, efforts right away.  Look for an update on our progress soon.  What indoor gardening project did my suggestions inspire in you?

Spring is about new beginnings.  Let the season change inspire YOU to share the responsibility of caring for your aging parent.  Call 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 1-618-HOMECARE (in IL) and learn how we can help you!




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