Cooperative’s #WEandnotME spring campaign is about communication and understanding, leading to success. It has four parts:

Hero of the Month Contests

Our new and improved Hero of the Month contest celebrates our caregivers who demonstrate consistency, which leads to excellence. The secret to our success is steadily performing our jobs. We complete training, arrive on time, understand our duties, and execute them with compassion and focus every day.

Supervisor Satisfaction Surveys

Cooperative wants every Client Services Supervisor (“CSS”) to be role models for our caregivers, through their own steadfast performances. We want them to Empower People (Core Value #3). How are they doing?

EOS and Traction

Our Entrepreneurial Operating System (“EOS”) is the foundation of how we do things. It touches every part of Cooperative’s business, including finance, employees, solving issues, and setting goals. We also refer to EOS as “Traction”. EOS and Traction ensure we achieve our small and big goals. We dig in, gain traction and keep moving forward.

Company Culture

We want our culture to reflect our six Core Values:

  1. Pursue Growth
  2. Challenge the Limits
  3. Empower People
  4. Commitment to Cooperative
  5. Our Team is Our Family
  6. Embrace Inclusivity

How did our Admin Team describe Cooperative’s Culture in their own words? How will you describe it?

Unleashing Creative Brilliance

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