We regularly hear from adult children of aging parents. You are overwhelmed, scared, and sad. You wonder if home care can help your loved one. You may also be juggling your parent’s needs, with your spouse’s, and children’s. It is a lot, but Cooperative Home Care can help!

First, let us come to you. After a short telephone conversation, we’ll have all the information we need to complete a free, no obligation assessment. We can visit your aging loved one in their home, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, or hospital room. We encourage you to be there, but if you can’t, we will follow-up our assessment by calling you to review our recommendations.

Embrace our care plan, and our expertise. Cooperative celebrates 36 years in business in 2022, and we provide every type of home care service. These are two ways we are unique from hospital-based home care (usually providing only Medicare-funded services) and home care franchises (usually providing only Private Services; less experienced).

Your aging loved one’s care plan includes all the home care services for which they qualify, before you pay out-of-pocket. When clinically appropriate, Medicare-funded services can be combined with Medicaid-funded services as well as Private (self-pay) Services. We offer all these services and can explain how they work separately, and together. We also offer our, How to Pay for Home Care Guide. This is a resource you can keep and/or share with someone you know who may be starting their home care journey.

Be proactive. Depending on your aging loved one’s medical status, they may be ready to begin Medicare-funded home health care services. These are provided in their home, by a nurse and/or physical and occupational therapists. Medicare services help your aging loved one regain their health, abilities, and endurance, but they are limited. If your loved one also needs help with medications, everyday activities, and/or supervision, this is where Private Services can fill the gap. From four to 24 hours per day, our trained caregivers help your aging loved one live their best life, in their own home.

After we’ve completed your care plan, you can choose to sign our Private Services Agreement. Whether you start services immediately, or want to wait, you are now ready to call us when needed to schedule Private Services. We hope that you won’t need us, but we are certain that you’ll be glad this step is already completed, if you do need help.

Keep going. Your journey may feel very difficult or even impossible right now. We understand! We see every day how home care can transform lives: your aging loved one is stronger and safe in their own home; you gain peace-of-mind and are empowered to support them and the rest of your family.

Contact our Intake Nurse using the number on our website, or send us a request here. We are pleased to help you!

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