It’s the holiday season, and you are caring for an aging loved one. The holidays may be a time when you discover they need help at home. These are common reasons people call our home care company:

“Mom sounded so great over the phone…but when I visited her at Thanksgiving, she looked disheveled, and the house was a mess.”

“I worry about Dad as the days get shorter. He needs someone to stop in and ensure he is up, dressed, and that he eats a nutritious meal.”

“I’m not confident my aging parent is taking their medication correctly or consistently.”

“My husband has fallen recently and seems tired and off balance. How can he regain his strength and endurance?”

Cooperative provides every type of home care solutions. This enables us to seamlessly address each of these concerns, as well as your specific concerns. When you call us, we guarantee that we can help you. Call 314-772-8585 in MO, or 618-394-5681 in IL. You can also call the number on our website.

We believe you can end the year strongly, entering 2022 with a customized care plan to support your aging loved one. Peace to you and yours this holiday season~

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