We have two great reasons why this month’s Team Building event was different. First, our summer #CooperativeCourtesyCampaign drives us to share kindness inside and outside Cooperative. Second, one of our volunteers received an important award. We combined these two reasons and jumped on the opportunity to celebrate one of our own.

Meet Mary Ann, who is a volunteer for Cooperative, as well as a former home care client. In early 2020, Mary Ann sewed over 200 masks for Cooperative. Her efforts helped ensure we could always tell our field caregivers and nurses, “We have the PPE you need.”

We all remember the uncertainty we felt in early 2020 as the pandemic unfolded. We wanted and needed to serve our clients while keeping everyone safe, but masks were scarce. Mary Ann’s masks bridged the gap until we began receiving regular PPE shipments.

Our CEO & Owner Mitch Waks nominated Mary Ann for the Missouri Alliance for Home Care (“MAHC”) Volunteer and Community Service Award. Read the full nomination here. We were elated to learn she was officially awarded the MAHC Volunteer and Community Service Award in 2021. Read what STLToday said about Mary Ann’s successes here.

Mary Ann’s story, including the personal obstacles she has overcome, is truly inspiring. When we see great things happening around us, it is important to stop and celebrate them. Congratulations, Mary Ann! Keep going.

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