Oh! Hi team. I was busy reading one of my favorite books: Traction. Let’s keep learning.

Ultimately Traction is about achieving growth. We believe Recruiting is the key to growing Cooperative. This quarter, Cooperative is focusing our Traction tools on Recruiting. Every employee contributes to Recruiting. YOU contribute! Aim to achieve #1, #2, and #3 by June 30th:

#1. Earn your referral bonus! When you refer someone to our company, and they work 30+ hours per week for 90 days, you get $400.

#2. Understand and share why Cooperative is uniquely better than any other workplace! Our “Uniques” include:

  • Apply online in five minutes or less.
  • We have new bonus programs for every stage of employment, from hire through your first year, to every 400 hours – as well as our $400 referral bonus.
  • We are a steady employer celebrating 35 years of home care and 30 years of healthcare staffing in 2021.
  • Last year 49 Missouri & Illinois employees achieved 424 years of service, ranging from five to 35 years!
  • We pay weekly.
  • You design your schedule: choose 4-hour shifts with different clients, 12-hour shifts with the same client – or anything in between.
  • We host regular appreciation events and apparel giveaways.
  • #3. Let us know what we are doing right!

Why do you love working for Cooperative? Share your why with me here.

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