Since 2019, Cooperative has used EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to operate our business. Through spring, we’re introducing and reinforcing many EOS ideas. Today we’re sharing how EOS helps us achieve giant goals.

Every October, Cooperative’s Leadership Team comes together to set our goals for the following year. As we set them, we say to ourselves, “These are really big goals that we must achieve to help Cooperative grow.

Next, we divide each annual Goal into four smaller parts. These are our quarterly Rocks. From January through March, we must achieve the first quarterly Rock of each annual Goal. We do that by further dividing each Rock into 12 weekly To-Do’s. At this point, we work to achieve each weekly To-Do, enabling us to achieve each quarterly Rock. Our weekly and quarterly accomplishments get us closer to achieving our annual Goals at the end of December.


  • Break down each giant Goal into 4 quarterly Rocks and then into 52 weekly To-Do’s.
  • Measure your progress weekly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Tackle obstacles weekly before they are so big that they overcome your progress.
  • Bring your determination.

Never, Never, Never Give Up,

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