Cooperative celebrated our 30 years in business with our award-winning, Serving & Celebrating in Our 30th Year campaign, spanning 2016. How and why are we able to keep going? A big part of our how and why is a very simple reason: our dedicated employees. Being able to recruit and retain amazing and dedicated caregivers is truly one of Cooperative Home Care’s greatest strengths. When you call us because your aging parent needs help, there is tremendous reassurance and peace of mind that you feel when you know that your caregiver has five, ten, or even 30 years of experience with Cooperative.

Every spring, Cooperative Home Care celebrates our dedicated field staff and their years of service to Cooperative and the clients and families we serve. We host a delicious, catered meal while acknowledging our caregivers and nurses who have achieved five-plus year milestones. From 5 years to 30 years, in 2019 we recognized and celebrated 28 employees, comprising 250 years of employment at Cooperative Home Care!

Our ten-year and higher employees received fleece logo jackets. Additionally, Charlotte Stone (20 years) and Damon Page (25 years) each received commemorative clocks, and Debra Stewart (30 years) received an engraved watch.

5 years (17 awardees):

Shawnyae Baker

Sarah Brown-Price

Mary Buckley

Brenda Butler

Charlette Duncan

Marion Featherson

Sonja Foster

David Frank-Schaub

Krista Hammock

Marquita Holton

Ryan Hotop (also MAHC Volunteer of the Year in 2016!)

Marget Midget

Windie Robinson

Gail Helen Satterwaite

Danielle Simmons

Cynthia White

Melissa Willis

10 years (6 awardees):

Nyleptta Adeniji

Angela Ampadu

Kelly Nolan

Sannita Vaughn

Antonio Williams

Tya Wilson

15 years: Terry Cornell and Marion Rose, RN

20 years: Charlotte Stone

25 years: Damon Page

30 years: Debra Stewart

Our heartwarming reception ended with introductions of new Cooperative Home Care team members. Congratulations to all of our amazing employees! When you need home care solutions, how long your caregiver has worked for their company is very important. Cooperative stands behind our employees that we have trained and employed for up to 30 years. Call us directly today, and schedule your free assessment.

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