aging man's 80th birthdayEven if it is 62+ years after your 18th birthday, you should make every effort to vote in the upcoming General Election on Tuesday, November 6th! Many of us will help ensure our aging parent has this opportunity on Election Day. Here are six resources and tips when you help your aging parent vote:

1.If your aging parent will be fine voting on their own, they can still choose to print their candidate and issue information in advance. This is a great way for anyone to ensure they are fully informed and prepared before they cast their votes. You can also confirm that your polling place is easily accessible. Get started by entering your address here.

2. If you want to choose a more easily accessible voting location, you have that opportunity and right. Contact your local election authority here or call (800) NOW-VOTE.

3. Starting six weeks before Election Day, through 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 5th, you may cast an absentee ballot if you qualify. Start here for more information. Download the absentee ballot request form here.

4. If you have a permanent physical disability, you can ask your local election authority to automatically mail you an absentee ballot prior to each election. Contact your local election authority here to make this request.

5. If you miss the absentee voting deadline, you can go to your polling place and ask for curbside voting on Election Day. (hyperlink) states you can go in and ask one of the poll workers to bring a ballot out to you, and they should bring a ballot to you within a reasonable amount of time. has all of the information you need to be prepared for Election Day on November 6th, 2018. Now, get out there and vote!

Cooperative Home Care is committed to maintaining your aging parent’s independence.

Our Intake Nurse can qualify you for every type of home care funding before you pay out-of-pocket, and she can also answer most or all of your starting home care questions through a short phone call.

In Missouri, call 1-800-HOMECARE and in Illinois call 618-466-3227. We are pleased to help you!

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