How to Achieve Low Turnover and High Employee Retention in Home Care

Our It’s Award Season campaign reminds us to celebrate our employees’ achievements, both big and small. It feels really great to be recognized and we’re not stopping any time soon.

There is often high employee turnover in home care. It’s really difficult to perform challenging and complicated tasks in an environment with very little support. A lot of people pursue a healthcare career because healthcare offers so many opportunities to help people, in so many different ways.

But the harsh reality of what it takes to successfully care for someone turns many capable people away soon after they begin.

Cooperative works hard to support our employees and to prepare them for their home care career. We apply the highest training standards in any one department to all of our departments. We also drug test potential new employees, while many home care companies do not.

Our Case Managers support our caregivers in the field, trouble-shooting and ensuring they are matched with the right clients for their skill sets and personalities.

The result?

This year we celebrated 20 caregivers who achieved milestone Cooperative Home Care Work anniversaries, ranging from 5 years to 30 years!

We heard moving testimonials about our caregivers: their diligence, dedication, bravery, reliability, that they are a “saving grace”. Our Caregiver Milestone Reception on February 28th, 2018 celebrated their successes. Please join us in recognizing these key employees:

5 years:

  • Antracette Arthur
  • Debra Bolin
  • James Douglas
  • Devet Ford
  • Valencia Gathings
  • Misty Goers
  • Linda Kasevich
  • Bobbycarol Miller
  • Divonne Wells
  • Cynthia Gallagher
  • Marquita Toller
  • Tanya Tucker
  • Melinda Granstaff
  • Tracie Sagan

10 years:

  • Angela Ponder
  • Joyce Adams
  • Dorothy Cowley
  • Coretta Shepard

20 years:

  • Willie Colenburg
  • Holly Goldblum

Ready to join our amazing team?

Caregivers, Nurses, Therapists, and Administrative candidates, apply now!

Or, if you want reliable home care for your aging loved one, call our Intake Nurse at 1-800-HOMECARE (1-800-466-3227) in Missouri and 618-HOMECARE (618-466-3227) in Illinois.

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