As we get older, we may not be able to enjoy some of the more physical activities we once did. But that shouldn’t stop you from being active in general. Finding a hobby is important because it keeps you busy throughout the day and can be something you look forward to. Researchers find that retired people who get involved in hobbies are happier and tend to live longer. Everyone is different and enjoys doing different things, so here is a wide range of different hobbies to consider:


Poetry Groups

  • Poetry can help your mind stay active and working in a way that doesn’t cause stress to your body. Creating your own poetry can be a great way to remind yourself of things you loved when you were younger, or a favorite place you’ve traveled to.


Collecting and Selling Antiques

  • Collecting and selling antiques can allow you to step into the past and use your lifelong knowledge to share stories about certain pieces. Collecting and selling can be a fun yet challenging hobby where it not only allows you to make money, but also to socialize and swap stories with potential new friends as well.



  • Photography can be a great hobby to get involved in. It allows you to show your creative side and what you love to capture. There are endless possibilities when it comes to photography. You can take pictures of nature, cars, family, or anything that you feel a passion about. Taking pictures can create memories that you can also print out to make a photo book.


Model Cars

  • If you’re a big car person, this is something that you can really enjoy. If you are crafty, creating model cars can be a fun and engaging experience. But cars aren’t the only things you can make models out of. You can make a model of anything you please, such as trains, boats, homes, etc. When you have an interest in it and put your mind towards it, it can be a rewarding experience.



  • Fishing is more of a slow pace, relaxing activity. This is something you can do by yourself or with a friend. Sitting by a stream, river, or lake can bring the relaxing part of this hobby while catching the fish can bring the excitement and even a little exercise into it. [1]


Helping the Environment

  • There are many ways to help the environment. One way is simply by recycling. Another way is picking up trash while you’re out for an afternoon walk. But a fun way to help the environment is building something for it. For example, putting your handyman skills to use and building a birdhouse can be a rewarding activity.



  • Volunteering is always a great activity. It’s easy to get involved and there are plenty of places that are always looking for volunteers. Volunteering at a local charity event, senior center, or local animal shelter can always be fun. Volunteering makes you feel useful, accomplished, and gets you involved in your community.



  • Arts and crafts help stimulate your brain. It’s not only fun, but can be soothing as well. There are loads of arts and crafts you can do such as scrapbooking, painting, drawing, ceramics, sewing, knitting, etc. Crafting gets you engaged in an activity and allows you to bring your creative side out.



  • Golf is not only fun but also has its health benefits. It can help improve your flexibility, ease of motion and strength; it also increases happiness, socialization, and an active lifestyle. Golf is a popular hobby among seniors because it’s a lifetime sport.



  • Swimming is another beneficial sport. It can help people with osteoarthritis or people that are looking for simple exercises such as aerobics. Swimming can take pressure off joints and can help improve your balance as well. Swimming is not only a great exercise, it’s also fun and may even help you meet potential friends who also enjoy swimming.


Playing Games/Cards

  • Playing games is a great way to get involved with your community. It allows engagements with other people and it helps keep your mind sharp. Setting up groups to play Bridge or Scrabble can be fun and mentally stimulating.



  • Traveling to visit family and friends is one of the most important activities for seniors. This can help with senior isolation, which is one of the leading causes of mental and physical decline. It’s important that seniors stay active in interactive and social skills. [2]


Having hobbies is all about doing something fun. You may need to try a few things before you find the perfect hobby for you. If you commit the time to find new and fun hobbies, you’ll be happy you did. [3]




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