Millions of people are diagnosed with arthritis and are affected by the pain that comes with it every day. Doctors predict that by 2030, 25% of adults will be diagnosed with arthritis. Typically, people experience arthritis pain to be in their back, hips, knees, and hands. A few general ways to avoid arthritis are by staying fit and by minimizing repetitive motions. Taking regular breaks to stretch, and taking short walks can prevent joint injuries that could lead to arthritis.

There are numerous formal treatment options for your arthritis. Health essentials is a great resource to help you learn the basics of arthritis and how to prevent and treat it by clicking here. Sometimes you need a little help to get moving, and medication can help. Health essentials declares that arthritis treatment is intended to minimize pain and inflammation that may curtail further joint damage and increase your quality of life. [1] has come up with natural remedies that can be considered because you will know what you’re putting into your body. Here are some natural tips and solutions to help ease the pain.

Weight loss:

Although weight lost is never easy, every pound you pare off means four pounds less pressure on your knees. Losing weight not only helps to prevent arthritis but it helps you keep a healthy heart.


Exercise is everything. Whether it’s a short walk around the neighborhood or swimming a few laps in the pool, it will improve your risk of getting arthritis. One exercise that is not the best for arthritis is running. Runners with knee pain should run fewer miles or run softer surfaces like a dirt path or a track as opposed to a paved street.


Although it is not for everyone, many people find that acupuncture helps relieve pain.


The type of glucosamine matters. According to Dr. Altman, “glucosamine sulfate is beneficial, but glucosamine hydrochloride is not.” It was proven that glucosamine sulfate is beneficial by the patients that took 1,500 milligrams once a day, which resulted in better absorption in the body than splitting the dose. Before starting any over the counter or prescription medications for arthritis, consult with your doctor.


Voltaren Gel or Pennsaid by prescription is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that may ease osteoarthritis pain in the knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists, and hands. Ask your doctor for more information about these prescription treatment options.


Electoral energy can be used to help ease the pain in various ways. Physical therapists often employ transcutaneous electrostimulation, or TENS, which involves placing electrodes around the affected joint and delivering electromagnetic pulses through the skin.

And there’s electroacupuncture, in which the provider uses needles at acupuncture points that are attached to electrodes to pass an electric charge through the acupuncture needles. Both of these interventions would be prescribed and monitored by your doctor.


Chiropractic therapy doesn’t necessarily help with arthritis but it is useful for treating muscle spasms that accompany the condition.

For example, if you have acute lower back pain, chiropractic manipulation can break up the muscle spasm and scar tissue, easing the pain. Again, consult with your doctor before seeing a chiropractor for arthritis pain.

Assistive Devices:

Shoe inserts, canes, splints, braces, and other devices that are prescribed by your doctor can help your weight take the load off an arthritic joint or hip. Unloading braces can help restore normal weight distribution, reduce pain, and prevent your arthritis from getting worse. [2]

Arthritis pain is frustrating and upsetting as you can’t necessarily fix right away. Even though the pain isn’t always curable, you can talk your doctor and work together to come up with a plan to help relieve as much pain as possible




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