Holiday Caregiving

Don’t Let Stress Ruin The Holidays For You Or Your Loved Ones

Holidays are always a tough time for seniors. Emotionally, it can be lonely or a reminder of the past. Physically, it can be challenging as well and a day where a routine may be “off”.

Tips for Holiday Caregiving

  • Have a dining plan. Many paid caregivers take off for the holiday to be with their own families. If you are caring for a senior, make sure he or she has a plan and will not be dining alone. If family is not around, there may be some senior opportunities. Or perhaps you or another caregiver can arrange for a special visit on the holiday. Another option is to arrange for a special Skype or Facetime visit that is scheduled on Thanksgiving.
  • If, for some reason, your senior is going to be alone on Thanksgiving, arrange for festive meal on another day. If you or other family won’t be around on the holiday, celebrate on a day close to Thanksgiving. You can prepare an abbreviated version of a traditional dinner and have your senior take part in the recipe selection, prep, cooking and enjoying the meal. You can invite some neighbors over for this extra celebration.
  • Stay healthy. Just because it’s the “biggest eating day of the year” doesn’t mean you should encourage unhealthy eating for a senior who may be watching his or her sugar, fat or salt intake. Keep the food in moderation. (And keep alcohol in moderation as well.)
  • If your senior is dining with friends or family, secure a job for him or her. Help your senior prepare a dish and be a part of the meal preparation. If cooking is not needed, perhaps you can help with making placecards for everyone coming.
  • There are some fabulous craft kits available out there at Paper Source (in Ladue) or Michael’s Crafts – centerpieces, garlands, etc. Purchase some for your senior to work on and then decorate her home for the holiday – or even bring to wherever he or she is dining. This kit is one of our favorites.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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