Non Carving Pumpkin Decoration Ideas for Seniors

Need some Halloween activities for seniors? Halloween should be a fun time for all ages!

If you are caring for a senior, there is a lot you can do to celebrate the holiday and make it a fun interactive day! While pumpkin carving is tradition, it can be difficult for seniors. We have seem some of our caregivers create some fabulous pumpkins without the mess of carving. You can use colorful tape, markers, glitter, etc.

Here is a link to 37 great ideas for inspiration!

Our favorite is the fabric covered pumpkin. Here is what you need:

  • Several pumpkins
  • Remnant fabric
  • Mod Podge (available at any craft store) and sponge brush
  • A small container of black acrylic paint and a small brush (also available from the craft store)

With a small brush, paint the stem of the pumpkin with the black acrylic paint. Next, cut the fabric into long strips that will go from the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin. Cut the top of the stripe into a point. With the sponge brush, apply a light coat of the mod podge and then place the fabric strip on top. Continue to do so around the entire pumpkin. You can mix up fabrics or use the same.

Here are step by step directions and photos of this easy-to-do pumpkin!

Another idea is to coat the pumpkin in the mod podge and then pour glitter all over it. You can embellish it with pushpins to give it a little bling. Or, purchase some fun colors of spray paint (gold, silver, hot pink) and spray the pumpkins – then use some nice ribbon to embellish them.

Have fun and get into the Halloween spirit with these pumpkin ideas – they are real showstoppers!

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