Delivering Services For Seniors

Whether you live in town or away from your senior loved one, it’s good to know that food and other necessities can get to your senior in an easier way than ever before. While St. Louis is not New York City (in terms of being able to have ANYTHING delivered at anytime), we have come a long way. Delivered food, prescriptions and necessities are a great way to ensure that your senior has what he or she needs, even if you can’t be there all the time.

Our favorite deliveries in the St. Louis Area:

Groceries to Go

Get your Dierbergs groceries delivered by an independent service called Groceries to go. You or your senior can give them your grocery list (via email or phone call). For more information, email

Blue Apron and Hello Fresh

These are two national companies whose mission is to make home cooking accessible to everyone. You can order a subscription (2+ meal kits per week) and you will receive refrigerated meal kits with all that you need to make a home cooked meal for 2 or more people. There is a fair amount of preparation involved (usually 30 minutes of prep) – so it may be ideal for a more active senior or one who has a caregiver to help with the preparations. It’s a fun project in itself to make these meals, and there will definitely be leftovers. It basically takes the meal planning and grocery shopping off the to-do list, but leaves the interactive preparation for the recipient to enjoy. They are not inexpensive by any means (after all, it’s pricey to ship these perishables in a safe way) but the convenience can’t be beat. Visit or To read more about the top meal kit companies, click here.

Grub Go and Grubhub

These delivery service provide food from dozens of St. Louis restaurants, typically within an hour. The menus are online and you can simply place a call to place your order.


Some of our caregivers have been using Postmates which enables anyone to have anything on-demand. From Lowes, to Trader Joes, Dierbergs, Starbucks and numerous restaurants, Postmates seems to be growing its network.

St. Louis Produce

This 100 year old produce company has recently added delivery services. You can choose from 9 different boxes of fruit and veggies ($30 per box).


Walmart recently launched a grocery delivery service in limited areas as well.

For more information on senior delivery services available, click here.

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