Now there are even more days for you to celebrate with seniors!

We all know the major holidays, but over the years additional celebration days have been recognized – everything from National Donut Day to National Dog Day. Make note of some of these special fall days as they are good thought starters for you to plan activities around and celebrate with a senior that you are taking care of! They are also a great excuse to get some friends, relatives or neighbors together to enjoy these obscure but fun celebrations!

October Lesser Known Holidays

October 1 – National Homemade Cookie Day. Of course, this is a great one and an easy one to plan around. Pick a favorite recipe, double it and deliver the cookies to neighbors to spread the fun and the word.

October 4- National Taco Day. What is more delicious and interactive for dinner than tacos? Prepare all of the fixins and invite some guests over to create and eat!

October 6- National Noodle Day. One of our favorites is to get some friends together to do a noodle bar. Make 3 or 4 different shape noodles – bowties, tubes, wheels, etc. and put out red sauce, pesto, alfredo and varying cheeses. It’s simple, inexpensive, but a fun way to celebrate this day.

October 11 – National Sausage Pizza Day. This sounds like a great day for watching a favorite movie and ordering sausage pizza from your favorite parlor!

October 13 – National M&M Day. Yum! And just in time for Halloween. We have seen some outrageous fall desserts using M&Ms including caramel apples dipped in this favorite candy. Visit Pinterest for some of these fun desserts.

October 14 – National Dessert Day – Need we say more? You’ve been in a cookie exchange – how about organizing a dessert exchange with the neighbors? Everyone bake a favorite and trade!

October 18 – National Chocolate Cupcake Day – If you don’t feel like baking, visit one of the many delicious bakeries in the area and bring home some chocolaty favorites. If you are up for an outing, check out Sweetology in Ladue. You can ice and decorate delicious cupcakes, but leave the mess to them!

October 28 – National Chocolate Day – Finally, to top of a sweet month, celebrate this day. Perhaps it’s a great day to watch Like Water for Chocolate, Willy Wonka, Chocolat or The Chocolate War.

Have fun and celebrate with seniors – all month long.

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