Health & Wellness

  1. The National Institute of Health provides seniors with a range of information on nutrition, exercise, bone health and more. The site allows you to change the text size or have information read aloud!
  2.  Senior Health’s website offers a variety of topics to help seniors maintain a healthy and happy life. Topics range from exercise, healthy aging, disease prevention and more.


  1. With hundreds of recipes to choose from on Epicurious you are sure to find the perfect meal! This site also allows you to create and share recipes with family and friends.
  2. Trip advisor is a great site for finding the perfect restaurant near you. This site allows you to read reviews, see pictures of the restaurant, and even make a reservation.

Brain Exercise

  1. Create a free account on Lumosity and receive access to 50+ brain games to help improve your cognitive abilities. This site claims to improve memory, flexibility, speed of processing and problem solving.
  2. Enjoy free, fun and challenging brain games on AARP’s Staying Sharp Test your memory & attention span!

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