Getting and staying organized can improve your mood, your mindset and your productivity. Don’t wait to get started on this three-step plan to organize your home.

1. Walk though your home. Make note of two areas you can de-clutter. One area may be your entryway, where both kids and grown-ups dump their stuff when they get home. The kitchen is also high risk for clutter, as working parents and busy kids struggle to make onthe-go meals, often without enough time for planning or clean-up.

Now, let’s tackle these two spots:

2. Clear your entryway by adding one bin or basket per person. Always try to use containers you already have. The bin or basket is to catch everyone’s things when they arrive home, as well as to neatly store what they need to take with them when they leave. If you have school-age children, hang one wall hook per child, low enough for them to reach but high enough for them to grow into, for their backpacks and bags. Encourage everyone to use their bins and hooks for their stuff. If your space is limited, adding even one basket to store everyone’s shoes will make a big impact.

3. In your kitchen, work through each cabinet to remove older and/or damaged cups, plates and bowls that you don’t use or need. Re-using plastic containers is a good plan, but don’t keep ones that no longer have lids, or that are oddly-sized and thus hard to store. Next, try to purchase a bag of fresh fruits and veggies once a week. Wash, trim and store them right when you get them, to ensure their use as healthy and non-messy grab-and-go snacks.

Caregiving is a very important job. When you feel organized as you leave your home to start your work day, this powerful feeling can empower you all day long. Great work!

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