Card games have always been a favorite for seniors – and come to think of it, for kids, too. Card games can please people of all generations and be played together. Not only are they fun, card games can truly help increase happiness and self-esteem. It’s an inexpensive activity that involves sitting comfortably and interacting with others.

More importantly, playing card games can be great for the brain!

Some simple math (such as playing 21) is a great exercise for the brain. Shuffling and dealing is great to keep the hands moving. And of course, the games themselves keep the mind sharp as decisions are made.

Play 21 (or Blackjack) with 2 players. Use pennies to keep track of who wins each game. Go Fish is also a great game – finding pairs and deciding which card to ask for is a great exercise for thinking and decision-making. Consider using large size playing cards (available here for $6) or large print playing cards (available here for $6.50). They also make playing card holders, which can stand on a table or be held in your hand – an easy way to hold and fan your cards.

For caregivers and seniors, it’s in the cards!

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