Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions & How to Get Started: Home Care Tips

Why not achieve New Year’s resolutions this year? Thanks to for inspiring these home care tips which are good for all – both to those in need of home care, AND for those caring for others!

  1. Eat and serve more fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish and healthy fats. Select a healthy recipe and double it – make one for you and one for a loved one you are taking care of, or even one for a youngster to help them adopt healthy eating habits early.
  2. Take vitamins. Check with your doctor to learn the vitamins and dosages that are right for you. Write them down, and go buy them! Make sure that your loved ones are doing the same.
  3. Be more active. If you are inactive, any increase in activity is a step in the right direction. After your doctor’s okay, invite a friend to join you two times a week for gentle stretching and strengthening. By spring, you may be primed to add walking outside at least once a week.
  4. See your doctor regularly and compare last visit’s notes to this visit. Are there any changes that require follow-up? Is there a goal for next time? Your doctor will appreciate your proactive health questions about vitamins (#2) and increasing activity (#3)!
  5. Guard against falls; they can be devastating as one ages. If you are caring for an elderly friend or relative, offer to help them with outside chores, keep areas with steps well-lit and remove obvious hazards like throw rugs. Increasing one’s activity (#3) may also contribute to fall prevention!
  6. Give your brain a work-out by reading, completing word games and even challenging yourself with riddles and brain teasers. This is key for our seniors, so make sure your loved ones are doing the same.
  7. Quit smoking! Do whatever you can to stop or reduce this toxic habit.
  8. Speak up when you feel down or anxious. Offer help to family and friends when a problem or worry arises; holding in your stress can cause emotional and physical damage.

Happy New Year!

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