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Did you know that National Aging-in-Place week is during this month (October 13-19)? With over 85% of aging Americans wanting to remain in their own homes as they age (according to AARP), Aging in Place has become more and more critical. The Aging in Place philosophy is all about enabling seniors to be able to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. This provides a more enjoyable existence, in both health and in confidence and dignity, as it minimizes the stress associated with relocation. It also allows for seniors to receive in home care more easily down the road, vs. having to consider moving. A growing numbers of active adults are choosing to stay in their own homes and live independently even if they have health or mobility issues in the future and need in home care. Even young families are designing homes in a way that will allow them to stay indefinitely. This can involve everything from a space layout to shower entry to flooring choices. There are many obvious solutions such as installing grab bars and non-slip surfaces, but we like some of the interesting designs that are being used for senior AND young homeowners who have a design sense AND are thinking ahead. Examples include:

  • One level structures – If you are building a home, consider a one level home, or at least one whereby which key areas are on the first floor (bedrooms, bathrooms and dining areas).
  • Barrier-free entry – Eliminating steps as well as building a wide doorway and spacious halls allow for easier navigation of a baby stroller, walker or wheelchair.
  • Barrier-free shower – These are an elegant yet practical solution for easy access into the shower, throughout the years.
  • Height Adjustable Handheld Showerhead – These look great but they function nicely whether you are sitting or standing in the shower.
  • Get a Handle – Incorporate handles rather than knobs for cabinets and drawers- these are much easier to maneuver.
  • Rocker-type Light Switches – These types of switches make it super easy to turn them on and off….even with the touch of an elbow when your hands are full.

Creating a plan for aging in place TODAY can prevent an unplanned occurrence from turning into a situation that may compromise one’s ability to live independently. For more information on Aging in Place, to allow one to stay in their own home – even when health needs are prominent, visit

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