Nurse Visits Over a Nursing Home

A client may not want or need to move to a nursing home. He or she may not even require regular caregiver help at home. There is another easy and affordable way to get the help you need. You can choose a Private Services weekly nurse visit. This nurse visit, scheduled at the same time each week, includes a free medi-planner that a nurse will pack during her visit. So a client’s medications are packed accurately for the entire week. Nurses will also note any discrepancies that indicate missed meds or other preventable medication hours. The nurses at Cooperative Home Care will perform a general assessment, record and share the results with your doctor. We have found that our clients greatly prefer nursing visits to nursing homes and regular care. It’s affordable and gives them a great peace of mind, and helps to access Medicare Services. When our nurses spot a warning sign, they can quickly refer a patient to our Medicare department. These short-term home heath care visits are a designed to improve a decline in health or promote recovery after planned hospitalization.

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