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The end of summer can feel like a new beginning as kids return to school and households re-energize their routines. Sometimes, spending less time with your aging parent as a result of your busier schedule can reveal emerging needs you didn’t notice before. What then? Your answer might be the use of Private Services caregivers.

Private Services caregivers can fill the gap when your aging loved one shows signs of needing help at home. They are usually funded through one’s long term care policy or by paying out-of-pocket. If you are paying for these services, you may be surprised at how flexible and how affordable a small amount of in-home help can be. Our flexibility and affordability work together: Cooperative Home Care offers shorter shifts than many home care companies, so you do not feel like you are paying for more than you need.

If you’ve noticed changes like a less-kept home or a medication system that is not as organized as it should be, there are small interventions that can help. Our Private Services caregivers can prep simple meals and tidy the house while they cook. This can be achieved through our two-hour Mini-Visit, two times per week. When it comes to medications, a once per week nursing visit ensures Dad’s medications are accurately organized and that he is educated about them (which also helps ensure he takes them correctly). Are you worried that Mom isn’t getting out as much? Our caregiver can take her on an errand or two during the week including helping her unpack when she returns home. Getting out and about for errands, or even having some in-home companionship can be smoothly incorporated through a three hour weekly visit.

Introducing help at home through small, affordable interventions like these has many benefits. It can feel more acceptable to both your loved one and you when outside help begins in small steps. If your aging loved one’s health gradually or suddenly declines, you’ll be more prepared to increase the amount of help they receive at home, either temporarily until they improve, or permanently.

Cooperative Home Care also offers Medicare funded home health care. If you are Medicare-eligible and you qualify for home health care, our nurse and therapists help you at home as prescribed by your physician.

How do you begin? Our experienced Intake Nurses will work directly with you to learn your needs and to help you access funding so that you do not pay out of pocket unless there is no other option. Call today at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL). We are pleased to help you!

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