Free Medi-PlannerOur nurses get rave reviews when they do skilled visits for our clients returning home from the hospital or when they’re recovering from a health decline. Did you known there is another easy, and affordable, way for a Cooperative Home Care nurse to check on your aging loved one regularly?

A RN visit scheduled at the same time every week includes a free medi-planner that our nurse will pack during her visit. Mom or Dad’s medications are now packed accurately for the week. Our nurse will also note any discrepancies that indicate missed meds or other preventable medication errors. Finally, our Cooperative Home Care nurse will perform a general health assessment, including checking any specific things related to a medical condition. The results are recorded for you to share with your aging loved one’s doctor.

Our clients say the main reason they choose this affordable service is for the nursing oversight, which gives them great peace of mind. Some of the additional benefits:

Prevention. Nursing oversight means that a licensed health professional is coming to your aging parent’s home weekly, noting their living environment. Over time, regular visits mean they will spot changes from week to week that may indicate a health or safety issue-possibly before it develops into a crisis.

Access to Medicare Funded Services. If our nurse spots a warning sign your aging one needs help, she can refer them to our Medicare department. Our Intake Nurse will confirm their eligibility over the phone, coordinating services with their doctor. These short-term home health care visits are designed to improve a decline in health or promote recovery after a planned hospitalization.

Increased Willingness to Accept Help at Home. Your aging loved one becomes more comfortable with help at home. This will be very helpful if more home care is needed temporarily or permanently at some point.

You Can Arrange This Even if You Live Far Away. A RN visit can be scheduled by calling our Intake Nurse at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL). Whether you live in or out of town, your phone call means a free assessment is scheduled at your aging loved one’s convenience and then nursing visits, or any other home care solution, can begin. Our Case Manager will share updates through what is most convenient for you: text, e-mail, or phone.

Ready to get started? Call our Intake Nurse directly at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL) and schedule your free assessment today.


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