1924 Marconi AvenueCooperative Home Care works very hard to support and to appreciate our caregivers, because we know how hard they work, caring for our clients. Many of us started our careers as caregivers, and many of us are the go-to caregiver in our family because of our healthcare expertise. If you have been a caregiver you never forget how hard and rewarding this job is; those valuable experiences drive our hiring, orientation, training and appreciation efforts. Thank you, caregivers! Read on for five ways to stay connected with us and seven ways to SUCCEED.

We’re Glad You’re Here! Stay Connected:


  • Current, open shifts posted at your local office
  • Call your Case Manager directly
  • Watch for your monthly schedules & Cooperative News, in your mail
  • CooperativeHomeCare.com
  • Visit us on Facebook, Twitter (@ParentsAging) & YouTube (Parents Aging)



How to SUCCEED with Cooperative Home Care:


  • S – SMILE
  • U – UNDERSTAND and respond to how your client is feeling; USE their name
  • C – No CELL phone use, please
  • C – Keep client information CONFIDENTIAL
  • E – EYE contact is important!
  • E – EARS open-no music or ear buds, please
  • D – DEDICATE your efforts to your client all shift, every shift


When you need a hardworking caregiver, call Cooperative Home Care at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL). Our dedicated Intake Nurse will get you started!




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