Aging Parents Choose Home CareAdult kids with aging parents spend considerable time thinking about how they’ll convince (trick? push?) Mom or Dad to accept home care when it’s needed. These kids worry their parent may suddenly become very sick, too forgetful to be alone, and/or unable to get around safely without some hands-on assistance. When I say, ‘adult kids with aging parents’, I am one of them. I think about these things a lot more than I’d like to. But there are times when an older person calls us at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL), because they are making their own home care decision. Here are ten reasons they tell us they want home care help:

“I feel like I am bothering my neighbor for too much help. I’d like your help with some things I need to do at home.”

“I can’t drive anymore. Can you take me to errands and appointments? And help me while I’m there?”

“My daughter’s family moved out-of-state for a job opportunity. I didn’t realize how much they helped me and I want to stay at home.”

“Sometimes I forget appointments and I’m worried I’ll mess up my medications. I want you to pack my medications weekly and check on me a few evenings a week.”

“I feel good about calling you so I can stay at home safely. Can we meet so we can make a plan for my needs and my budget?”

“I am lonely and my house is too quiet. My best friend passed away this year and a lot of my other friends can’t go out anymore. I want someone else to be around sometimes.”

“I have hip replacement surgery scheduled and my doctor says I’ll qualify for some short-term home care. I want to choose on my own home care company because my friend had a bad experience with home care. She didn’t know you have a choice.”

“Can you help me pay my bills and cook some meals for me a few days a week?”

“My friend needs help and she’s afraid to ask for it. I want her to be safe and well at home. Can you help her?”

“I feel so tired sometimes. Can a caregiver help me with my personal needs, and do some light cleaning and cooking for me?”

These are great reasons and they are positive and proactive phone calls we love to get. Ask your aging parent if they’ve ever felt this way. Their answer, and their acceptance of home care help, may surprise you. Our Intake Nurse is ready at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL), when you are.

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