C'mon, Spring!“Surely as cometh the Winter, I know…there are Spring violets under the snow.” – R. H. Newell

Hang in there-spring is less than a month away! Meanwhile, help your aging loved one push through the sometimes dreary end of winter with these 11 tips.

Exercise regularly. If you are a beginner, get your doctor’s approval and start slow, but start! SilverSneakers.com promotes older adults who can work out when, where and how they want. My aging parent got her free Silver Sneakers YMCA membership through her Medicare Advantage plan this year.

Reach out to others. Depression is more common in winter months, and bad weather can also mean social isolation. When weather makes visiting difficult, pick up the phone for a chat!

Be safe. Icy, snowy walkways are hazardous, especially if you have decreased balance and/or difficulty walking. Check your cane or walker to see if new, slip-resistant tips are due.

Start an indoor hobby. My mom is resuming a cross-stitch project she started a few years ago-she is so sharp when she is engaged in this activity!

OR sketch your favorite photograph, create a family/friends recipe book, make a lavender pillow, grow an Amaryllis, start a poetry journal, solve crossword puzzles, find a new favorite window seat and enjoy a lovely cup of tea as you sit.

This article was originally published in our client newsletter, Health at Home by Cooperative Home Care. Call our dedicated Intake Nurse directly at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL) to start your home care journey. 

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