Coconut oilOne regular feature in our free monthly newsletter, Health At Home by Cooperative Home Care, is a seasonal, healthy recipe.  Last month’s recipe was a smoothie with the option to add coconut oil.  If you haven’t read about coconut oil, it is a natural alternative to more common cooking oils, and is also touted to be able to improve or cure ailments and diseases ranging from dry skin to Alzheimer’s.  Frankly, I have no idea if any of these claims are true but they certainly piqued my interest; read more about coconut oil here to make your own decision.

Our recipes are chosen for a variety of reasons, but recently we wondered if they are a successful as we hope for our readers! So, we’re going to do some taste testing, starting with our Coconut Oil Fruit Smoothie.  To start we established some basic judging guidelines:

Newsletter Recipe Judging Guidelines: (All judged on a scale of one to five.)

Convenience (would an aging parent, possibly working in a modified kitchen, be able to make this recipe without purchasing any additional supplies?  Are the ingredients versatile, or more one-use only?)

Taste Test (simple-is it good?  Will they eat it again?)

Family-friendly (because many of us are adult children, who are caring for both our aging parent and our own child(ren).  Ideally, the recipes are as versatile as possible.)

So, how did our Coconut Oil Fruit Smoothie fare?  Tune it tomorrow for the results!

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