Quality home healthOne reason why Cooperative is such a terrific place to work is because we truly value our caregivers.  We know how hard their jobs are (many of us, myself included, began our careers as caregivers) and we strive to show them our appreciation every day.

One of our current caregiver incentive programs included 26 weekly drawings for $20 gift cards.  The drawing qualifiers were completion and timeliness of weekly timesheets: fill ’em out accurately, completely and on time, and you’re in.  After six month each qualifying caregiver earned an entry per each time she had qualified.  The final drawing prizes were two flat screen TVs!

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to every caregiver for their hard work and dedication.  We’re 25 years strong because of you!

Our next caregiver incentive will reward caregivers each time they pick up an additional shift when called on.  How do you reward hard work?

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