Quality home health for 25 yearsOn July 1, 1986, Fran Sontag, our founder, wandered up to her attorney’s office and filed Articles of Incorporation, for a company whose purpose it was to provide off site day habilitation to people with developmental disabilities.

Well a lot has happened since that day 25 years ago. We have served thousands of seniors and people with disabilities. We have helped thousands of people maintain their independence. We have given employment to tens of thousands of employees.

We have expanded our services. We have expanded our territories. We have bought companies and helped other companies by taking them over. We have survived an attack by the unions. We have survived Medicaid cuts. We have survived Medicare cuts. We have passed and thrived in the face of endless audits.

Statistics show that if 100 companies start up one year, after 5 years only 8 are still around. But after 25 years, less than 2 will still be around. Well here we are. We have survived and thrived. And we will survive and keep thriving. Because we offer a great service, we have great caregivers, experienced support staff and a great management team.

So as you enjoy this holiday weekend, celebrating our country’s birthday, celebrate our company’s birthday too.

Both birthdays are celebrating independence. One, the independence of our nation, the other, the independence of our clients because we allow them to age at home. Both birthdays are celebrating freedom.

So happy birthday Cooperative Home Care and the United States of America!

Mitch, Ruth & Fran

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