Meet Ken Schwartz, MSWCooperative’s Referral Specialist Ken shares more highlights from his popular “Healthy Aging Tips” presentation:   Stay connected!  How?

  • Connect regularly with friends and family
  • Make new friends!
  • Spend time with at least one person, every day
  • Volunteer
  • Find support groups in times of change

Boost your vitality:

Eat right, exercise & take good care of yourself!

Eat well-your relationship with food is changing…

  • Load up on high-fiber fruits, veggies and whole grains
  • Put effort into making your food look and taste good
  • Watch out for dehydration
  • Make meals social!

Exercise is vital for health aging:

  • Check with your doctor before starting
  • Find an activity you like
  • Start slow
  • Try walking!

Keep your mind sharp!

  • Try variations on what you know
  • Work something new into every day
  • Take on a new subject

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