Karen Mason is our Director of Operations.  This year she’s implemented some great performance-based incentive programs for our caregivers.  The best part about them?  They’re designed to catch our caregivers doing great things, and to reward their positive actions!

Program 1: each caregiver who submits their timesheet with 100% accuracy is entered into a weekly drawing for a $20 gift card.  Each Missouri office (St. Louis on “The Hill”, St. Charles, Herculaneum and St. Clair) conducts their own drawing.

Program 2: each caregiver who submits their timesheet by the weekly deadline for four consecutive weeks is eligible for our $40 gift card monthly drawing.

Program 3: our newest program rewards teamwork.  When a caregiver accepts a last-minute fill-in shift, in addition to their regular schedule, they earn one entry into the monthly $20 gift card drawing.  They can earn multiple entries by accepting multiple shifts.

It’s no wonder Cooperative employs over 275 caregivers, many for ten years or more.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Cooperative caregivers!

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