Free In-Home AssessmentsWhen Cooperative’s Ken Schwartz, MSW, isn’t meeting with a family to start services, he is out and about in St. Louis sharing aging parent resources like these healthy aging tips:

  1. Find and follow your formula for healthy aging-and expect it to change as you do.
  2. Old age does NOT mean poor health and disability
  3. Memory loss is NOT an inevitable part of aging
  4. You CAN teach an “old dog” new tricks
  5. Focus on the things you’re grateful for
  6. Acknowledge and express your feelings
  7. Accept the things you can’t change
  8. Look for the silver lining
  9. Take daily action to deal with life’s challenges
  10. Depression is NOT a normal part of aging
  11. Find activities that you enjoy: pick up a long-neglected hobby, play with your grandkids, learn something new, get involved in your community, take a class/join a club, go somewhere you’ve never visited, spend time in nature, enjoy the arts
  12. LAUGH!!!

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