My aging parents, Baylor & Mary AnnThere are endless resources to help you as you care for your aging parent.  So many, in fact, that finding what works for your Mom or Dad is overwhelmingly time-consuming.  Really, who has time to research what works, what doesn’t and why?  Here, I’ve done some legwork for you.  When it comes to phones for aging parents, I spent considerable time learning about a cell phone designed Jitterbug - Products for Seniorsfor seniors called the Jitterbug, currently offered by GreatCall.  Jitterbug gave phones to two seniors I know.  Then, I wrote about them.  Read about Sharon’s experiences.  Do you wish Mom or Dad kept (and could use) a cell phone for emergencies?  This information will get you started!

As always, our Intake Nurse Jessica is available to answer your questions at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 1-866-572-8585 outside Missouri.  Or, schedule your free home care needs assessment right here.


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