Cooperative proudly honored caregiver Debra Stuart with its Lifetime Achievement Award for her 20+ years of phenomenal service with Cooperative Home Care.

Debra sets the bar really, really high as an in-home caregiver for seniors and people of all ages with disabilities.  During the presentation of her award, Fran Sontag, beloved founder of Cooperative Home Care, noted how ‘the more you know about Debra the better you like her’, and that she has a ‘special knack for truly getting to know her clients really well’.  In difficult and stressful situations, Debra is both consistent and caring.  She has helped many of Cooperative’s most challenging long-term clients with remarkable grace and poise.  One of her secrets?  Helping every client be his or her best by finding and focusing on their strengths.

For Mitch Waks, Owner, Debra exemplifies everything Cooperative is about.  With an almost perfect attendance record after 20 years, Debra has helped people with special needs continue to live independently in their own homes rather than in an institution.  She is ready to go for day, evening and overnight shifts; during every shift she maintains her bright, positive attitude.  He considers her a role model for others.  Thank you, Debra, for your hard work and dedication.

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