Low Vision Therapy by Cooperative Home Care

  • Provided in the patient’s home by a certified and licensed occupational therapist and nurse
  • Medicare pays 100% for those who qualify
  • We work with your current doctor in order to ensure the best possible care in your treatment process
  • Helps you to maximize the residual vision you still have


Low Vision Rehabilitation Can Help!

  • People who suffer from low vision can receive low vision rehabilitation from specialty trained Low Vision Occupational Therapists.  The therapists help by working with clients to:
  • Use their remaining vision more effectively through VISION RETRAINING
  • Use appropriate assistive devices more efficiently through ENVIRONMENTAL & HOME MODIFICATION


Results of Low Vision Rehabilitation

  • Patients are able to live safely and function independently
  • Read and watch TV
  • Prepare meals and groom
  • Use their computer
  • Shop
  • Read a menu
  • See faces of loved ones
  • Increased medication compliance


Want To Learn More About Low Vision Therapy by Cooperative Home Care? Call 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) and speak directly to our Intake Nurse, Jessica, to arrange Low Vision Therapy for your loved one.  Interested in scheduling a free presentation about Low Vision Therapy? Jessica can help do that, too.  View our flyer here!

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