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Please post your advice (details below) on our website as a comment to this blog, or on our Facebook page (you’ll see the post here).  The author of the winning entry, as judged by us to be the most creative, inspiring, and moving, will win a terrific prize: a $30 gift certificate to Lorenzo’s Trattoria “on the Hill”.  Our corporate office is within walking distance of Lorenzo’s and it’s delicious!  Here are the details:

As our parents age, they face new limitations like decreased mobility and energy.  These limitations can affect their independence and ability to do some of the things they used to love.  Sometimes we can find ways that really help them to live their best life.  We want to know how local St. Louis caregivers help their loved ones do just that! 

We’ll make our decision and post the winner here and on Facebook next Tuesday (June 23).  Good luck!


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