Cooperative Home Care is excited to offer FREE Phillip’s Lifeline® Medical Alert Service to our clients who purchase one of the following:

  • Two or more12-hour shifts per week
  • At least one 24-hour shift per week
  • The Sleep Tight Value Package


  • The Care Around the Clock Value Package

This terrific offer means you and your loved one can feel an additional sense of security through this nationally recognized resource that offers personalized emergency response at the push of a button!

How It Works: Once you begin services, your Case Manager will contact you to verify that you want the Lifeline® system.  She will contact Lifeline®, complete the required paperwork and arrange for installation.  There is no charge to you as long as your weekly services meet or exceed 24 hours, as outlined above.  If home care solutions are no longer required you may ask Cooperative to transfer the Lifeline® account to you, or we will pick up the unit at no charge to you.

Maybe Lifeline® is something you’ve thought about…or maybe Mom’s health has suddenly declined and you realize you’re going to have to make some changes to keep her safe.  Schedule your free assessment with our Admissions Coordinator today.  If you choose one of the eligible service options, you can combine Cooperative Home Care services with 24-hour supervision courtesy of Lifeline®.  The result?  An affordable, secure solution for your aging parent!

Contact us today to get started!

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