This year, there are 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Our #CooperativeCourtesyCampaign is driving us to change, to be courteous, and to celebrate during this time.

Today is day 51 of our summer campaign. How are we doing?

Our EOS principles help us to identify and tackle our Issues faster. We achieved a record-high 86% of our 2nd quarter goals (Rocks). We are seeking efficiency through technology, and then we are documenting how we do it. Recruiting, Payroll, and Intake process mapping is currently underway.

We are honoring our Caregiver Milestone employees (those hitting their 5101520, 2530, and 35 years of employment marks). In 2021, that adds up to 380 years of service!

Looking outward, Cooperative celebrated our MAHC Volunteer of the Year, Mary Ann Kohut, in June. We donated $500 to the Alzheimer’s Association #TheLongestDay campaign. We’re aiming for another service event for our 1st annual Founder’s Day celebration on August 18th.

This Friday between 10am and 4pm, we invite every employee and their family members to stop by Tower Grove Park’s Sons of Rest Shelter. Enjoy a Chicago-style gourmet hot dog and a cold, sugary snow cone with us for Cooperative’s 35th. If you are a Caregiver Milestone employee, get ready to be celebrated! (Thank you to our party planners, Jessica, De’Andra, Arielle, Kerryann, and Jill!)

See you Friday,


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