Since 2019, Cooperative has used EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to operate our business. EOS has six main parts: People, Vision, Data, Issues, Process and Traction. As we implement all of the parts of EOS, Cooperative gains traction to set and achieve all of our goals.
This spring, we’ll introduce and reinforce many EOS concepts. We will be short and sweet – we ask you to keep reading and staying informed!
Our Core Values are a key component of everything we do. By now, we hope everyone reading this e-mail has their tee-shirt (pictured above with Barb’s great smile) and knows our Core Values. Our Operations Team even wrote a song about it!
#1 Pursue Growth
#2 Challenge the Limits
#3 Empower People
#4 Commitment to Cooperative
#5 Our Team is Our Family (that’s you!)
#6 Embrace Inclusivity
Keep us informed: reply to this e-mail with your questions and comments. Stop by your local office to get your tee-shirt if you haven’t yet!
Talk About Traction,

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