Because managing your patients and/or your own aging loved ones is overwhelming, Cooperative Home Care & Hospice has 5 Steps to Understanding Home Care:

While home care options are unlimited, your budget probably isn’t.

Choose a home care company that offers every type of home care funding to minimize what you pay out-of-pocket, and to ensure one company can meet every health care need now and if needs change.

Different needs require different types of home care, and different types of home care is funded by different sources.

Medical needs are usually met through Medicare-funded home health care. Help with daily activities and supervision is usually called private care, and is funded through self-pay and/or long-term care insurance. You might need one, or both. Medicaid is also an option, if you qualify financially.

Medicare home health care is provided by a nurses, therapists and social workers.

Private care is provided mainly by caregivers; nursing is also available.

Combine home health care with private care (by caregivers and occasionally a nurse), and also add family help where you can.

Ask your home care company to help you create your optimal, reliable schedule.

You can choose any home care company you want.

Spending more time to make a thoughtful decision will mean less stress once care is underway.

In summary:

  • We show signs of needing help at home.
  • There is a planned or unplanned hospitalization (and possible rehabilitation or nursing facility stay)
  • Medicare home health begins when you are discharged home if you qualify **choose a provider that offers both home health for medical needs AND private care for non-medical, every day needs**
  • Add caregiver private services if you need additional, non-medical help at any time; Add limited, occasional nursing visits if needed
  • Create a schedule that combines home health, caregiver private services, occasional nursing assistance/oversight, and family help; re-evaluate if your loved one’s health needs change by calling your home care provider for a free assessment

Cooperative’s Intake Nurse can also take your call directly to start your home care solutions by qualifying you for every type of care before you pay out-of-pocket.

In Missouri, call 1-800-HOMECARE (1-800-466-3227)
In Illinois, call 618-466-3227

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