Studies show that many people over the age of 65 take between two and seven prescription drugs a day. It can be easy to confuse all of your medications, which is very dangerous. It’s important to take all your medication that your doctor prescribed you and at the correct time each day. How you take you medication is important too. The foods and beverages you consume when you take your medication can play a role in your health. Here are 8 tips from that can help you keep your medications straight.

  1. Don’t take a day off
    1. When your doctor orders you to take a prescription at the same time everyday it can be hard to remember. But one way to make it easier on you is taking it before a daily routine of yours. Whether it’s before you read the newspaper in the morning or going for an afternoon walk, taking your medication during a time like this will allows it to become the daily routine.
  2. Mixing Medications
    1. Mixing medications can get dangerous so make sure you talk to your doctor about any over-the-counter drugs you take so that they could warn you about any possible side effects.
  3. Watch your food and drinks
    1. Make sure to check with your doctor about any food or drinks that could have a negative impact on your prescriptions. Some medication needs to be taken with food and drinking alcohol with certain types of medication can be dangerous.
  4. Be cautious of drowsiness
    1. Many medications can have drowsiness as a side effect so make sure you talk to your doctor of any activities that may be restricted if drowsiness is a side effect.
  5. Nutrients are important
    1. Many medications can make you feel a loss of appetite but make sure you discuss with your doctor to find ways to take in the calories and nutrients you need.
  6. Know your facts
    1. Knowing and understanding the different types of medication you take is important. Talking to your doctor or pharmacist can help you get a better understanding of your medication and the side effects that can come with it.
  7. Make a list
    1. Keeping a list of all your medications can help you keep track of what you take, possible side effects, and when you need to take them.
  8. Follow instructions
    1. Follow the specific instructions that come on the label to prevent side effects or other issues. This tip is extremely important!

Now that you have tips on how to properly take your medication, you should know that it is important to keep them all straight by organizing them. Using a pill organizer can make a huge difference because it allows you to put all your pills in a compartment for each day of the week. An automatic pill dispenser can also be very helpful. It contains a blinking light and alarm when it is time to take your medication. Color-coding your medicine bottles is another way to keep your medication straight. For example, making a red mark on the bottles can ensure you that you’re supposed to take it in the morning or maybe a blue mark on the bottle reminds you to take the pills at night. Check out our blog (link to the blog) about various options.[1]

Keeping your medication in storage compartments is important too. One thing you should know is storing your medication in the bathroom is not always the best idea because the temperature can fluctuate and can get humid at times. Keeping your medication in high cabinets is important if you have children running around at home so it’s not in arms reach. Buying storage drawers or baskets and labeling them is one easy way to keep all your medication organized so when you go to take it you know what is where.[2]

Overall, keeping your medication organized is particularly important for the sake of your health. Getting in a daily routine with your medication will help your body adjust to it better as well. Medication can be dangerous so always be aware of what you’re taking and taking it the way your doctor prescribed. If you’d like to arrange help with your aging loved one’s medication, a weekly nurse visit to pack medication and complete a basic wellness check is an affordable, proactive option. Contact our Intake Nurse at 1-800-466-3227 in Missouri or 618-466-3227 in Illinois. We’re help to help!



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