Researching the right home care option for your loved one is anything but an easy task. A lot of information will be thrown at you, including different home care options and how to pay for them. How can you make sure you’re making the right decision?

Cooperative Home Care makes the decision easy by describing three different options. Within those options, we make sure you know the facts, myths, and average costs that come with each. Below is a list of those three options and descriptions of each to make sure you pick the right option for you and your loved one.

Option 1: Skilled Nursing Facility or “Nursing Home”
This is an option that is prescribed by a physician when your loved one requires 24-hour skilled nursing care. Medicare is a payment option here, but it’s important to know that Medicare will
only pay for the first 60 days of nursing or therapy services. After those 60 days, you will pay out-of-pocket. Some facilities accept Medicaid if a patient qualifies, and long-term care
insurance might also pay for a portion. The average daily cost for a nursing facility is $217/day.

Option 2: Assisted Living Facility
When it comes to assisted living services, there are multiple options on how to pay. Long -term care insurance, Veterans Aid and Attendance pension, or self-pay. Just like the nursing facilities, Medicare and/or Medicaid will not pay for the entire amount of assisted living. If you’re self-paying, you’re looking at an average daily cost of $120/day. During an assisted living stay, if assistance is required, you will pay additional hourly rates for caregiver services.

Option 3: Caregiver Services
The last option for in-home care is paying for caregiver services from a facility like Cooperative Home Care. There are a lot of payment options, including Medicaid, long-term care insurance,
Veterans Aid and Attendance pension, or self-pay. If you’re considering caregiver services for your loved one, the average hourly cost is about $23/hour.

The information overload when you research the right care options for your loved one can be stressful. But thanks to a variety of financial options, the choice might be easier than you think.
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